#213 Double Dangling

You wanted those shoes, now you’ll get them twice

3_xThis year is a Birkenstock year. In Germany they are the most worn shoes these days. A bit unlucky for me, because I’m not a great fan of these, but ok, you decide! I spotted these very pretty two young girls outside sitting on a bench.

fs1aFrom far away the shoes looked like Birkenstock Madrid, but in reality they were Tamaris Cora, a total rip-off which haven’t much differences in my eyes. To be honest, if I hadn’t seen the text “Tamaris” on the inside of the sole, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Anyway, those shoes are predestinated for a good dangling shoeplay. And both girls did it.


The red nail polished girl in the back was a bit more calm, she did more shakes with the sandals, while the green nail polished girl did more exciting moves in general. She was more playful, scrunched her toes, rested her feet on the back of the Cora’s and even did a cigarette trampling in the end.

e   d

I really like how she smeared her toes together and wiggled her shoes on top of them. She changed her dangling leg a few times as well, so you can see both sides of her play.

c   9

Enjoy 15 minutes of two pretty girls in their 20ies dangling with Birkenstock fakes.

download the clip