#81 Mature Toes And Tights

Zoom! Zomg!!

You won’t get any closer, I promise. This is some unbelievable detail, because you can count the stitches of this opaque tights worn by a wonderful lady.

8aOne of the days I was strolling around the city, my view on the ground until I saw some toes outside of wedged sling pumps. A mature Italian lady was drinking coffee with her girlfriends.

fs2aI had some balls of steel because I immediately stopped right at their table and caught the scene from the front side the whole time. This turned me really on, so I didn’t thought of any consequences. I got the lady’s toe play from different angles starting from the ground to the height of their faces. Sure I got some insane face shots, hope you don’t mind I blurred them here.

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The lady did her shoeplay as you will suppose a lady does it: elegant, slow and controlled. Not much shoe action, but she wiggled her toes up and down and man, when you are so near to her sweaty tights and don’t know when exactly she pushes her foot down to your nose… thrilling.


Enjoy over 9 minutes of a lady’s style toe movement. A beautiful woman which could be your mom or your aunt. That’s how my fetish started in younger years.

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