#14 The Super Gentle Footsie

I celebrate every movie with feet at men’s legs

You know this, I am sure. Girl and man are sitting at the table, suddenly she touches the shin of her friend with her nail polished naked feet. Sigh.

9aThis girl here, somewhere in her late 20ies, was sitting with her friend at a café outside, playing with her blue/white flats while crossing her ankles. She dipped a little bit, popped her toes out and stepped right back into her shoe. This little shoeplay is the first part of the movie, you’ll see a wonderful toe cleavage also.

7Suddenly she let her feet out completely into the wild, stretched her wonderful toes (did I mention that I like when the second toe is a bit longer than the first? Sexy!) and moved towards the shoe of her friend slowly, slooowly. It seemed she was a bit too shy to touch him, very sweet. Watch the 6 minutes of flirting with a steady face shot of the brown haired girl at the beginning.

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