#06 Nylon Flats Blonde

Kebap eating while streching the arch of the foot

Shoeplay is nothing you can tell someone to do. The best scenes happen when the girls don’t think about it, just like this blond mid-20yrs beauty.

3On one of my trips I wanted to take a rest and in the corner of my eye I suddenly discovered this very long legs streching out of nowhere. This girl had some extraordinary skill streching her arch of the foot in her flats. The toes span even more as you can see in this clip.

2aWhile eating her burger and talking to her friend she eventually pops out her heel of the shoe and rubs the sole with her toes. Pushing in again, wiggling with her flat, no dangling but streching and playing inside. Heavenly.
Over 10 minutes of a wonderful long leg show with tan pantyhose covered feet in some chic flats, face shot of the girl included for you at the beginning of the clip.

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