#189 Pantyhose Spring

Nylon toes say hello

The sweet taste of the first sunbeams are here and the air almost smells like spring, finally.

6aBirds are cheeping, air gets warm and the sun reveals her first bright beams into our hearts. I love this time, all is getting awake. Shoe wise, most of the girls are in winter mode yet. Many boots around, but there are some women here and there who changed their shoes.

fs1aIn this clip I captured a beautiful looking Asian girl. She was sitting with two other girls at a Thai restaurant aaand she wore a tan colored reinforced nylon pantyhose! Gladly she put her ugly leather shoes off, because her toe play was fascinating.

She crossed her ankles most of the time and waved her toes in the direction towards my camera lens. I instantly get aroused by this, can’t tell you.

2   5

In the middle of the clip I started capturing with a second camera and got some few good looking close-ups of her feet and her nylon stitches.

7a   9

Eventually she put on her shoes again and that’s the end of the story here. I went around and took a small scene from the front, but there was no play anymore. Nevertheless you’ll get solid 6 minutes of some pretty nyloned Asian feet.

download the clip