#243 The Pantyhose Pigeon Trauma

Converse Chucks with a tan colored pantyhose!

e_xI don’t know if I should feel lucky or pissed. Remember, this year it is difficult enough to capture shoeplay from a good point of view. Corona restrictions require me to register and take a seat which I can’t choose. But choosing is essential to get closer to the subjects.

fs1aIn addition it is so f*cking rare that a girl with a pantyhose does shoeplay with her sneakers. Sometimes I’m wandering around for two weeks and don’t capture any good clip at all. So in these times, where you only get 30% of the normal chances, it is even more difficult.

Nevertheless, I was so goddamn lucky when I saw this pretty dark haired girl with her white Converse Classic Low Tops. She was wearing them as if they were slippers.

At first I thought she was barefoot. It was quite a distance, so I barely couldn’t distinguish, but then I discovered the typical wrinkles when she moved her feet. It was a thin pantyhose, yeah!

3   6

Her shoeplay was moderate and calm. She crossed her ankles several times and I’d count this as dipping. You can see her heels all the time and she crushed the soft back of her Chucks inevitably.

But – I sat there for almost 45 minutes: She never lost a shoe! This drove me mad, because I so wished that she did this “accidental drop” while her ankles were crossed. I was longing for a glance of her soles, but sadly this didn’t happen.

5   8

Suddenly, at the end she took off both of her shoes to straighten them and put them back on. This was the moment to see her toes, I got hectic and nervous! And then this §%#$ pigeon came and walked right in front of my lens.


Imagine, I was sitting on the ground in front of a store right on a sidewalk and the only thing I could do was shouting “VERPISS DICH!!!” (fuck off!) :D

As if the pigeon heard this, it ran away and yes, we finally got a very short glance of the girl’s toes. It hurt nevertheless, I hated birds on that day…

b   d

In summary this is a solid 12 minutes clip with an extremely rare combination of shoes and nylons. But yeah, suffer with me!

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