#265 Impossible Mission

I just wanted to get a picture…

8a2_xFirst of all, sorry for the massive delays in everything. Covid has knocked me down completely and I’m still recovering. Will get to every mail and registration soon. Stay safe guys, can’t emphasize this enough.

fs2aSo, I have announced this girl in the shoutbox on the day I’ve captured her. I was on my way back home and saw this sandals with a leather sole and velco strips. Can’t tell what it was, but I stopped riding the board and started my cam.

I saw a glance of the dark sweaty footprints on top of the sole. Usually sandals don’t provide much room for shoeplay, but I like to sneak into the space between the toes and the sole. Maybe want to stick my nose right in? I’m not sure, but I love this short moment when the toes lift up and the girl scrunches her feet a bit.


And yes, the pretty dark blond girl did exactly this. I managed to get very good close-ups from the footprints and her lovely toes. Normally this story would end here, but then the madness began.

6    ib

I’m not exaggerating – I have never ever seen this in my life before. The girl started to scrunch her toes together, rubbed the foot to the back and popped out of her sandals completely!

9_   k

Imagine this, I saw her foot in the air and I didn’t know what has happened there. How the hell did she do this?
Well, she showed it to me… again. And again.

I was so thrilled of this absurd kind of shoeplay that it took me a good portion of control not to freak out completely. I couldn’t believe this. Not only did she pop out of her shoe, she was also able to fiddle her way back into the sandal without using her hands.

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This was next level skill and for me it is a complete new chapter of “things I love” in a strange kind of way. Sometimes I can’t explain what the trigger is, but it doesn’t matter. The point is to experience something completely unexpected and go home with a smile and deep gratitude for these gourgeous girls out there.

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The clip is 17+ minutes long and with all things in mind, one of my favorites when it comes to bare feet. This is my personal heaven <3

download the clip