#97 Barefoot Heaven

I had to stop

Guess you see a wonderful shoeplay show and can’t stand to capture anymore…

5aMaybe this is a “first world problem” I have, because I capture so many clips in countless hours, but this is a thing I don’t experience very often. I had to go.

fs4aThere was a wonderful brown haired beauty, young, jeans, flats, barefoot, classic. She was sitting with three other people outside, it was rather warm in the sun. Comfortable. I saw her well worn flats and decided to start capturing. Good idea.

4Pretty fast she began to pop her heel out of one flat and flapped the sole against her foot, this noise makes me crazy. I could see the black patterned inside of her ballerinas at the point, where her toes bend and I instantly fetched out my second camera. Promising.

Well, then the heaven began and the wind was breathing a warm shower over my neck: The girl let her flats go and started to play with them, so sweet and so gentle that I almost lost my mind.

8   7a

A few moments long a beggar entered the scene and moved in front of my camera, but I was still able to get everything the girl does, it was awesome.

a   f

I can not describe the feeling I had while capturing this whole shoeplay, but it made me mad and I was shivering. At one still point I grabbed my cams and went away without looking back, because I was short before lying down on the ground (which might not have been the best idea…)

Get awesome 25+ minutes with a beautiful woman, her bare and wrinkled feet with well worn flats and many face shots with and without cigarettes.

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