#238 Socks And Sandals

Not quite the german stereotype, but a joy to watch

9a_xYou all know about the jokes with german guys who are wearing sandals and socks in the summer. But the trend in the last years was that many girls had bath sandals with plush and many of them white ankle socks also in combination.

fs1aI love that style. For real. First point is that you can see the dirty socks, which I like the most. Second, the sandals are pure plastic and you all know what this means for the girls’ feet in summer.

Rubbing with worn socks over and over the soles of the sandals creates a nice sweaty touch on the feet.

In this clip the protagonist is a girl around 18-20 years old. She was sitting with a group of people on a bench and they were enjoying the afternoon. As I saw her white socks with white sandals, I started my cam immediately and took a seat on the ground. The train station was near, so it is not suspicious sitting there.

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One technical note beforehand: It is really difficult to capture white socks with bright sunlight from one side and shadow from the other side. Either the socks are blown out or all is sunken in a dark muddy mess. You know it from soccer games in the summer: The cameras are constantly switching exposure from low to high. I tried the best to get the relevant scenes in good lightning.

So, the girl was playing with her sandals mostly in a rubbing manner. Not juggling around, but moving her feet in and out, caressing her plastic soles and scrunching her toes sometimes.

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But there was this little baby girl! A super sweet little child began to grab the socked feet and wanted to put the sandals on. She tried it many times, I guess she was thinking “Feet belong into shoes!” :D


Man, I would be so happy if I got this chance as a little kid to do this. When you are 3 or 4 years old, no one will notice it as a bad thing and will find it charming when kids are playing with other’s feet.

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In summary this is a 14+ minutes clip – 9 minutes from the front, 5 minutes from the back. As there are some moments where people are in the way of my lens, I lowered the price instead of cutting out the “half pictures”.

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