#220 Converse Socks Girl

Sneakers, dirty socks and soles exposed – a thriller!

7_xSometimes I’m joking with my friends that I’d go either to hell or in jail some day. When I recap this recording, I tend to the latter. It was very warm this day and I walked around a lot without much results. I was thinking of a rest when I suddenly stumbled upon some socked soles.

fs1aOh my god! Did I say I’m missing shoeplay with socks this year? There it was. A pretty teen girl was playing with her Chucks and I could see her dirty white socks. She was eating pizza with her two younger sisters and the rest of her family.

Nervous as I was, I searched a place to capture this scene. At first there was almost no option, so I sat down in the middle of the waiter’s lane. I simulated a phone call so that the staff had to think I was waiting for some friends and a free table.

3   4

It was so difficult to hide the camera under my leg in the middle of the people curiously watching me… Did I say jail?

The girl was dipping and playing with her Converse. She balanced them on the lower pole of her chair. Unfortunately there was hardly a path to film, because I had a tree and some other shoe in the way, but I managed to get the most out of it.

6a   a

When she exposed her soles the first time, suddenly a table got free and I switched the place to get a much better view right behind her from the side. Now there was the problem that the father could have seen my camera and I acted like a pro not to get busted. My nerves…

8a   h

But yeah, the girl was awesome. She was playing almost the whole time, dipping, wiggling her shoes and showing her gorgeous dirty socks – it was heaven for me!


In the end they paid the bill and I stopped recording before they left, because I didn’t want to lose this precious material. 16 awesome minutes, enjoy and love!

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