#26 Stewardess On Fire

The one-in-the-year nylon pantyhose show

I wish that there are more superlatives to describe what I experienced. “Gold is best” is hilarious, but in this clip all is true gold. Golder than gold.

9aIt was the end of a nice afternoon. I only wanted to drink a coffee and then go home, until a foreign flight crew walked along. Two pilots and two very attractive flight attendants, one dark haired, one blonde. They took their seats at the other side of the street and the blond girl caught my attention when the first thing she did was to rub her feet in an out of her elegant flats. Phew.

fs3Guess that I started the cam almost hysterically, I left my coffee half full at the table and searched a good place to film this show. Not that easy as you might think, but just in that moment the table beneath the crew got free and I kind of stumbled over to it. So much that the older pilot observed me almost the whole time I was sitting there, kinda funny :D

In between there was a sequence when both stewardesses left to a bank, because the café did not accept their credit card. When they came back, they run right in front of my camera lens.

cbBut yes, I managed not to get caught and this was the beginning of almost 90 minutes I sat there capturing the blonde, her shoeplay, her thin tan pantyhose, her skirt, close-ups of her feet and toes with the additional thrill of sequences I recorded with my cell phone in parallel.

6   fs2

This was pure adrenalin running through my veins and I don’t exaggerate when I tell you that I had these kicks again while mastering the clip to a 37 minute explosion of dangling, dipping, feet rubbing and heel popping. This blonde was gold. And she is best. Period!

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