#16 Foreign Socks Attempt

Nice toes I want to lick at

Some of you know the “foreign socks project” from fussphantasie.de – I walk along and ask girls if they give me their socks and nylons in exchange to new ones.

4aAt this day, Marion, a good friend of mine, and me were taking a rest at the Rhine when I suddenly discovered the two girls on the bench. One had flats and nylons on, the other was barefoot in her mocassins and played oh-so-gently with her toes.

1I switched on my camera and got a subtle shoeplay from her with a bit of dangling and some nice playing with her toes, so that we could see her wonderful nail polish.
After a while she was smoking a cigarette and the ash fell down in front of my camera. This relaxing show is 7+ minutes long, steady hair shot from behind included. As an addition you’ll get one minute at the end with me talking to the girls. Unfortunately the nylon girl didn’t want to pull off her socks but that was ok. We had enough already at that day :D

download the clip