#179 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 2

What’s your flava?

Al Bundy strikes back again. At least I put myself into his virtual costume and captured 21 girls in different stores.

e3_cThis sounds so fucking easy: “I captured lalala girls…”
I think no one can imagine how difficult it is to hide the camera, get the right exposure and most important a good viewing angle.

c1Not only there are many people around in such stores, no, there are sellers like Al Bundy who watch the crowd carefully and ask if they can help. “No I don’t want to buy shoes, I just capture some girls with my freaking large cam.” :D Man…

I’m not complaining though. This is much fun and a very thrilling thing, especially when it comes to my personal favorites: Sweaty socks fresh out of the shoes.

In this compilation I put several scenes of 21 girls together. Two are larger scenes (7 and 6 min), containing the girl with the green Nike Air Max and the girl with the Adidas Superstars.

e7   h8

The rest is mostly around 2-3 minutes plus a few shorter ones. Here are some pictures of the girls with medium length scenes:

1   k2

7   d

9   b

b1   c

i1   fs_6

Regarding face shots: It is almost insane to record people in stores, but, yeah, I got a few. Keep in mind that this is no easy job, mates.

Last but not least, here is a short video preview for you, so that you get a feeling for the absurd situation :)

All in all you’ll get 44 minutes of pure joy in shoe stores and even a changing room.

download the clip