#164 Nervous Pantyhose

I love clamping toes

Personally I get a flash when I see soles which are waving to me constantly.

aaIt was warm outside. Too warm for wearing leather boots. The same thought had a pretty blond girl, who was sitting with two girlfriends at a table. They were enjoying cold drinks while I was standing in the sun.

fs1aGranted, for this kind of play I could literally stand in the sun for hours, but this wasn’t necessary. The blonde was wearing an opaque pantyhose. No nylon, but a mixture of cotton and certainly some kind of synthetics. The sole was heavy worn as you can see a white footprint.

1In addition she had a short jeans skirt and a black top on. Pretty to watch for my taste.

The girl was constantly playing with her toes. She waved them in the air, clamped them together and rubbed her feet together. Many times she switched her position from the left to the right ankle.

Eventually she started to rub her toes against the poles of her green metal chair. You can imagine how this looked like. At least some of us do understand what I mean :)

3a   9

When I see this, I don’t need shoeplay, as this is enough for me to start a movie in my head. Nevertheless she put her boots on in the end and walked away.

2a   b

This clip is 15 minutes long. Some scenes with split screen and a short little dipping bonus of her girlfriend with the flats and nylons. Enjoy!

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