#107 Dangling Mules

Wooden sole

One of you requested, I delivered. It was kind of luck though.

1aAs you probably don’t know, there is no plan to go outside to capture this or this. You are dependent on the situations you’ll get and often it needs a good portion of luck to find something, which is one’s dream.

fsThis woman, I suppose her being in her late 20ies, was playing with her smartphone while enjoying a piece of cake. She was kind of strange clothed, as she had sunglasses and a cool hat on. Sun wasn’t shining that day… :D

But yeah, she had wooden mules at her feet, which she dangled and pushed in the air from time to time.

She was moving and scrunching her red nail polished toes also. Not exaggerating, rather subtle, but continuous. One of the nicest parts was a very rapid toe-to-shoe pushing. I imagine my tongue in between then, do like this very much.

5   2

It was fairly difficult to capture her, because the place was so crowded and I needed two positions to get her. As one other woman discovered my cameras and looked very inquiring and not friendly, I stopped capturing, so this is a 7 minutes clip only.

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