#275 The Socks Stalker

Hunting down the sandals again

1_xYou know, I have a strange passion for those rude teen girls, especially when they are wearing sneaker socks in sandals. This time I was hooked by pinkish socks with fluffy Bench sandals.

fs2aDisclaimer: This is not a shoeplay clip as such, so this clip may not be for you if you only want to see the “standard” things. Although there is some play in it, read on.

There were three teen girls. A blonde with black Nike Air Force 1, another blonde with bare feet in Adidas sandals and the main protagonist, a red-haired girl with pink/white ankle socks and very used and dirty terrycloth Bench sandals. I focused mainly on her in this clip. There are small parts with the other girls too, albeit they did not play at all.

3b   4a

It is hilariously cheeky to capture feet in public when sitting on the ground right next to the girls. I tried to stay as casual as possible while I changed places with the girls without getting noticed that much.


Directly at the beginning the socks girl was making fun of her mates and lost her sandal, which hit me in the back and dropped on the ground right next to me :D
So the part of staying unnoticed was obviously obsolete.

5a   c

What are teen girls doing when some guys/mates are chatting with them? They make fun, they smoke cigarettes, they expose themselves, they are shouting “bastard”, “dude” or “fuck you”.

6   9a

But sometimes they are handsome and lovely too. The sweetest thing I have seen in a while was when one of the guys “stole” a sandal from the socks girl. He played with the sandal and treated the girl like Cinderella afterwards. I fell in love with this moment.

a   bb

This clip is a bit like #223 but with much more sandal action. Nice close-ups, funny moments and constantly walking around the place. If you are a voyeur like me, you will love the 17+ minutes I have captured.

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