#241 Teenage Kicks

A sister is annoying her brother with her naked feet

3_xI have already written sometimes that I would have liked having a sister in my younger years. Regarding my passion it is irrelevant if she was younger or older, essentially a sister.

fs1aThis dark haired girl was sitting with her brother and other family members at a table outside. She was wearing pretty black flip-flops with a black flower and a fake brilliant on top of the straps.

Regarding shoeplay she did some very nice movements with her flip-flops. The girl was scrunching her toes and was dipping on her shoes several times. You’ll see ankle crossing as well as her bare feet in the air.


The funniest part is, when she starts to poke her brother’s leg with her feet. At first she touched him with the shoes, then she tried to poke him veeery slowly with her toe again and again.

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It was obvious that he didn’t like it :D At least he kicked back a few times and expressed that he was annoyed. Poor little brother… Just kidding. Maybe he liked it but couldn’t tell anyone, just as the most of us were as teens.

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Get the 8+ minutes clip and lean back towards your own memories, enjoy!

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