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#193 Gym Locker Room

The once in a lifetime sweaty socks show Imagine you are lying under a wooden bench in a gym and have the chance to smell all those shoes and sweaty socks of the girls after training… Since I was a school boy I dreamt of dirty and sweaty socks of my classmates. I thought it […]


#179 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 2

What’s your flava? Al Bundy strikes back again. At least I put myself into his virtual costume and captured 21 girls in different stores. This sounds so fucking easy: “I captured lalala girls…” I think no one can imagine how difficult it is to hide the camera, get the right exposure and most important a […]


#173 Marina’s Socks

This is special Yeah guys, I know this isn’t shoeplay, but the socks are worth it to be captured. One day I was on my way back home after a long day of walking around. I walked on by a group of tourists who did a rest on two benches. Most of the words I […]


#161 Airing Out Airmax

Rare combination with Nike and nylons You won’t see this every day, at least I don’t. I was amazed when I walked by, because there was a girl in her 20ies who was airing out her pantyhose feet. Maybe this is a thing you will see more often, but she had Nike Airmax!


#137 Rough Soles In Sneakers

Barefoot in Nike shoes A lady in her end 20ies does some nice dipping. As I said earlier, this year was difficult to catch shoeplay with sneakers or plimsoles, especially barefoot or with socks other than peds. Most of the girls didn’t put their shoes off, so I was more than happy when I discovered […]