#252 Puma Carina Dip

White socks in white sneakers short before sundown

8_xIt was a very warm day and I visited the Rhine river. I had my board with me and wanted to get a bit of fresh air, so I drove a round through the city. By chance I saw this pretty lady in her 20ies dipping her feet.

fs1aI stopped the ride immediately, started the cam and sat down on the ground just right behind the two girls. The brown haired girl had white socks and clean white Puma Carina sneakers. Obviously she wanted to air out her feet, glad for us.

Often I’m asking myself how ridiculous it looks when sitting down there in the middle of nowhere, but at least this works better with a board, so not really suspicious at all. But it is difficult to get more angles or pictures from the front.

1   b

I was considering changing my place, but I didn’t want to lose any action. It has happend too often in the past that I go around and missed some very good parts, so I just waited.

7   a

The girl dipped and played quite unhasty, crossed her legs and then started to dangle her shoes. At first the right one, then the left. No excessive action like a teen, but quite elegant – this fit to the whole appearance of the girl.


Although this is a really beautiful shot, she completely left her shoes for 10 seconds only. I’d really like to have captured more of her feet and toes, but I was very happy anyway.

After 13+ minutes they left the place and went away.

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