#28 Pantyhose Chucks

Rare combination, blue jeans and black pantyhose

Everyone has his own fantasy. In my dreams the girls often wear pantyhoses under their blue jeans. Here is one of them.

4aThis very pretty girl around 18yrs old sat with her girlfriend outside of a café and drank her coffee. She had long brown hair, a bounded braid, blue jeans with a very large hole over her knee – and a thin black pantyhose under it.

She wore Converse Chucks. That’s a plus and a minus in this situation. The plus is the combination of clothing and shoes, I don’t see this very often, so I really like it. The minus is the obvious lack of real shoeplay, because Chucks aren’t the best sneakers to pop out of them or dangle at the tip of ones toes.

2   3

But nevertheless she was constantly moving her feet. You’ll see some “almost heelpops” and soft bendings of the girl’s feet inside of her shoes. It seems that she rather wanted to pop out. Enjoy 8+ minutes, unfortunately no face shot as the girls were too fast going away and got lost in the crowd.

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