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Welcome to CC-FEET.COM! Enjoy candid shoeplay videos in high quality you may never have seen before. Take this clip site as your new foot fetish heaven!

Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

Watch our latest video clips:

  • da_h
  • #200 Anniversary Nylons Vol. 2

    Number 200

    I like large full numbers, this is a reason to celebrate again!

    3_cIt was a no brainer for me that this clip would be a compilation again. Although I had several ideas for special collections, I wanted this to be a nylon clip again. In my database I have so many short clips which are too good to throw away.[READ MORE]

  • #199 Nylons & Rubber Flats

    I thought I’ve seen everything

    Feet will get stinky in rubber shoes, period.

    e_xI mean, come on! We all know rubber boots, right? The ones you are wearing when you go fishing. Or in modern times as an accessoire for pretty girls in the rain. Hunter boots are somewhat common now. But I have never seen rubber FLATS before.[READ MORE]

  • #198 Mature Dangling

    Granny toes

    An elegant and very skilled silver lady

    8_xWho said that only teens do good shoeplay? I know, it was me. But on my way home I stumbled upon this lady in a turquoise dress. She had crossed her legs and was dangling a black flat shoe on her toes.[READ MORE]

  • #197 Silver Chucks

    A pretty girl in fancy Converse sneakers

    The Chucks had a patina, the socks too…

    da_xSo yeah, once again a girl with socks in Chucks. This year is pretty hard to capture shoeplay with sneakers, don’t know why. Most of the time I see feet IN sneakers, not outside. Gladly I stumbled upon this very pretty brown haired girl with her socked heels popping out.[READ MORE]

  • #196 Sexy Birkenstock Feet

    Awesome barefoot shoeplay

    A young turkish girl was playing with her fake Birkenstocks all the time.

    3_xYou know me, I’m not the guy who neccessarily loves flip-flops and Birkenstocks. I’m more into flats and sneakers, but many of you would die for this. Especially in the US there are many Birkenstock lovers.[READ MORE]

  • #195 Rub And Dip

    Back in business

    Never had such a long pause, but sometimes health is more important. And if recovery starts with such a clip, everything else can be forgotten.

    c_xOne of my favorite cafés in town is a good place for chilling and observing people. Almost every day I cross the place and stop there to drink my obligatory coffee. It was warm and everybody seems happy about the fine weather. And then there was this woman.[READ MORE]

  • #194 Lesbian Footsie

    This is very rare

    I never saw two girls doing footsies under the table and I have to admit that this was rather erotic.

    3axWe are all into shoeplay, right? But sometimes it is fine to cross the border just to experience something new. On my way home I discovered a girl with long brown hair who aired her white ankle socks out of her sneakers. Instant capture.[READ MORE]

  • #193 Gym Locker Room

    The once in a lifetime sweaty socks show

    Imagine you are lying under a wooden bench in a gym and have the chance to smell all those shoes and sweaty socks of the girls after training…

    9a_xcSince I was a school boy I dreamt of dirty and sweaty socks of my classmates. I thought it must be heaven to lie under a bench of a locker room and this picture followed me for years. No need to explain that this most probably won’t ever happen in your life. Until now![READ MORE]

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