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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • 4ax
  • #187 Granny’s Toes

    Mature nylon pantyhose

    Do you like watching toes in the wild? Without shoeplay?

    dxGranted, I love shoeplay. Sometimes I find a situation, where almost nothing happens but only a little bit of toe movements. And this is catching me due to a trigger. In the case of the grandma it was the dirty dyed imprint at her toes.[READ MORE]

  • #186 Just Heelpopping

    Flats with nylon ped socks

    Many girls are wearing peds in flats, at least the Turkish girls

    1xIt is pretty common for Turkish girls in Germany that they’re wearing nylon socks in their shoes. So if I see a family group, the chance is fairly high that you are getting some good shots. As in this clip.[READ MORE]

  • #185 Stinky Feet Rub

    She walked the whole day

    We all know how bare feet are beginning to sweat and grow a decent flavour in flats, especially when the girls are on tour.

    6axI stumbled upon this woman when I was on my way home. It’s hard to guess how old she was, I suppose something in the end of 20/beginning of 30 years old. She had longer hair with a bun and was wearing blue jeans with a long thin cagoule.[READ MORE]

  • #184 Teenage Pop

    A reminiscence of the last fall

    I can’t wait to have spring again, really. I’m so longing for those flats playing.

    e1xWinter is a hard time for me. Not only it gets dark early and it is cold outside, there is almost no shoeplay in the wild. Gladly I captured many clips to get over this time, but I need the thrill of filming so much…[READ MORE]

  • #183 The Hostess Trilogy

    Two days the same pantyhose

    I dared almost too much, but it was worth it. Now I’m the weirdo forever or so…

    6acWhere should I begin to tell the story? You know, motorshows are a rather good place to capture some shoeplay. Not that wonderland as one would guess, but there are usually one or two girls who do some action. Maybe even more, unless you consider the people walking around you. And surely you want to stay undiscovered.[READ MORE]

  • #182 Inside And Out

    The twen with the teen spirit

    Take a pretty young girl with bare feet, give her flats and wait for the fantastic dipping and dangling show.

    acThe older a girl gets, the less is her shoeplay. Mostly. But not in this case. A very pretty blonde in her 20ies with bare feet, blue flats and tight blue jeans did a really good shoeplay job for us.[READ MORE]

  • #181 Mature Ped Soles

    Show off some sweat and dirt

    I didn’t know that the mature fanbase is so large, so here’s one for you.

    2aRecently I stumbled upon some threads and it seems that mature feet are always welcome in the community. For my personal needs it is more or less equal which girl or woman does shoeplay, main point for me is play and dirt.[READ MORE]

  • #180 Santa Claus 2016

    We taketh and we giveth

    It lasted 100 clips to do this crazy thing again

    9aA comment at youtube brought me to the idea, to play St. Nicholas again. Remember the clip #80 two years ago? We visited some houses and made unknown girls a present by putting sweets and nuts into their shoes which were lying in the staircase.[READ MORE]

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