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Welcome to CC-FEET.COM! Enjoy candid shoeplay videos in high quality you may never have seen before. Take this clip site as your new foot fetish heaven!

Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often!

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  • a_h
  • #262 Ugly Shoes

    …but a fascinating and awesome nylon shoeplay!

    5_xSometimes I don’t really know what to write when I publish a clip. Often the pictures are telling much more of a story than words, but in this case I need to explain some of the context.[READ MORE]

  • #261 Barefoot In Pumps

    Pumps with high heels, this is quite rare in my town

    b2_xMaybe it’s just me and I overlook this most of the time, but I almost never see shoeplay in pumps when I’m in the city. The shopping streets aren’t comfortable for walking in shoes with high heels because they have cobble stone pavement and I guess this is no coincidence.[READ MORE]

  • #260 School Girl Sandals

    White ankle socks with Adiletten

    4_xI’ve searched the web but I could not find a fitting translation for the German word “Adiletten”. This is a combination of Adidas and Sandalette (sandal).[READ MORE]

  • #259 Peekatoe

    I have already named a clip Peek-A-Boo, so yeah…

    3_xDo you know this game for little babies? Peekaboo or in German “Guck Guck”? Hide your face with your hands and whimsically smiling while removing them? All babies love it. And all foot guys love it when a girl slips out of her flats and shows us her toes.[READ MORE]

  • #258 Nike AF1 Sage Low

    Goodbye to 2021!

    6a_xThis year comes to an end. Finally… As I said in my Christmas article at fussphantasie, this wasn’t the year I was expecting. But the good thing is, we have some light at the end of the tunnel. At least this winter feels different and not so lonely for me than the last one.[READ MORE]

  • #257 Dangling Up Front

    In your face, b*tch!

    a_xMost of candid clips are captured from behind or from the side. This is quite common, as it is much easier to hide the camera. The level up is definitely a scene from the front, this is much more difficult and quite dangerous.[READ MORE]

  • #256 Stinky Flats


    d_xAt least the majority of us like the smell of trashed and well worn flats, especially in summer, when the girls are wearing them barefoot the whole time.[READ MORE]

  • #255 Good Old Times

    Nylon pantyhose and flats at a trade fair

    k_xLast week I stumbled upon this clip and wondered why I haven’t released it sooner. I have a large amount of unreleased clips, good at some point, but quite useless when they don’t enter the game.[READ MORE]

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