Candid Cam Feet, Girls Shoeplay With Socks, Nylons & Barefoot

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Welcome to CC-FEET.COM! Enjoy candid shoeplay videos in high quality you may never have seen before. Take this clip site as your new foot fetish heaven!

Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often!

Watch our latest video clips:

  • 7_h
  • #257 Dangling Up Front

    In your face, b*tch!

    a_xMost of candid clips are captured from behind or from the side. This is quite common, as it is much easier to hide the camera. The level up is definitely a scene from the front, this is much more difficult and quite dangerous.[READ MORE]

  • #256 Stinky Flats


    d_xAt least the majority of us like the smell of trashed and well worn flats, especially in summer, when the girls are wearing them barefoot the whole time.[READ MORE]

  • #255 Good Old Times

    Nylon pantyhose and flats at a trade fair

    k_xLast week I stumbled upon this clip and wondered why I haven’t released it sooner. I have a large amount of unreleased clips, good at some point, but quite useless when they don’t enter the game.[READ MORE]

  • #254 Hunting High And Low

    Pink Burlington socks with red flats

    4_xI can’t really explain what this means to me. Somehow there are many triggers in my life which came together when I discovered this girl in her 20ies, but what I can say is that I was hopelessly excited and nervous.[READ MORE]

  • #253 Playful Soles

    Bare soles with champagne Birkenstock Madrid

    1_xGet it if you can. That’s the motto in my recent months. You all know that I don’t like Birkenstocks very much, but I’m thankful for such joyful moments anyway.[READ MORE]

  • #252 Puma Carina Dip

    White socks in white sneakers short before sundown

    8_xIt was a very warm day and I visited the Rhine river. I had my board with me and wanted to get a bit of fresh air, so I drove a round through the city. By chance I saw this pretty lady in her 20ies dipping her feet.[READ MORE]

  • #251 Black Pantyhose In Air

    Worn flats with nylon pantyhoses are awesome!

    d_xMan, how long did I wait for this? It felt like ages. Long cold winter, long cold Covid, long cold whatever – I remember whining about the fact that I only got to see Sneakers and Birkenstocks. Flats? Rare.[READ MORE]

  • #250 Sandals & Nylons

    A small compilation with pantyhose in sandals

    3bxTo be fair, I know that probably some of you were expecting another thing to celebrate the 250th clip. But there is a story behind, read on please.[READ MORE]

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