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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often!

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  • ab_h
  • #244 Continental 80

    Subtle heelpopping in Adidas sneakers

    1_xIn my little mind I thought that Adidas always has three stripes on their shoes. If not with a leather application, then at least with holes or something.[READ MORE]

  • #243 The Pantyhose Pigeon Trauma

    Converse Chucks with a tan colored pantyhose!

    e_xI don’t know if I should feel lucky or pissed. Remember, this year it is difficult enough to capture shoeplay from a good point of view. Corona restrictions require me to register and take a seat which I can’t choose. But choosing is essential to get closer to the subjects.[READ MORE]

  • #242 Adidas Playground Love

    A tremendous and skilled dangling show

    7b_xDo you know the movie “The Virgin Suicides” from the year 1999 with the young Kirsten Dunst? The french electronic music group AIR did the soundtrack and there was this one song called “Playground Love”.[READ MORE]

  • #241 Teenage Kicks

    A sister is annoying her brother with her naked feet

    3_xI have already written sometimes that I would have liked having a sister in my younger years. Regarding my passion it is irrelevant if she was younger or older, essentially a sister.[READ MORE]

  • #240 Mature Birkenstocks

    I’m back in business, but read on please!

    6a_xHey mates, this was a long pause, I know. Maybe some of you have read my posting at fussphantasie regarding this whole Corona mess. If not, it is worth reading as this text is still valid. [READ MORE]

  • #239 Worn Out Socks

    Pretty combination of old sweaty socks with Keds

    e_xWhile I was working at this clip, I’ve answered a question via mail, which some people ask over and over again: What camera do you use and which of xyz mini cams would you recommend?[READ MORE]

  • #238 Socks And Sandals

    Not quite the german stereotype, but a joy to watch

    9a_xYou all know about the jokes with german guys who are wearing sandals and socks in the summer. But the trend in the last years was that many girls had bath sandals with plush and many of them white ankle socks also in combination.[READ MORE]

  • #237 Dangling At Night

    Super dope dangling skills with Birkenstock sandals

    1_xAt first a happy new year mates! Initially I wanted to publish this clip a little bit earlier, but I spent the last three weeks with things I procrastinated for at least 2 years.[READ MORE]

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