#229 Skilled Toe Rubbing

Just move on…

9_xThis pause came quite unexpected for me. As you may have noticed, there was some serious stuff going on at fussphantasie, so I decided to halt publishing new clips for a while. Didn’t want to call for the devil.

fs1aBut yeah, in the meantime I captured clips, went outside and did my stuff in the background.

This Italian girl was in the beginning of her 20ies, sitting with her mom at a fast food restaurant and had some Birkenstock Madrid rip-off’s at her feet. They brand is called Blue Movement and is sold at ALDI in Germany. Her size was EU38, which I could read in her sole print.

2   7

Normally I’m not much into Birkenstock shoeplay, you know it, but this was pleasing my eyes. The girl was rubbing her toes almost constantly during the whole clip. Scratching her soles, pinching her pinky toe and so on.

5   da

Sometimes she was resting her feet on her shoes and caressed the borders tenderly. She had no nail polish, a little bit of dirt at her heel – simply natural and pretty summer feet.

e   h

At the end of the clip I managed capturing 2 minutes of a higher viewing angle, but as there were a lot of children playing around (and kicking a ball onto my camera once), I decided to leave the place before getting caught.

Enjoy 15+ minutes of pretty sandal shoeplay from a pretty Italian girl.

download the clip