#72 Dipping Princess

Moving ever so slow

When a difficult situation turns into something captivating, I know that the day will have a happy end. Or so…

3akI can’t really explain what it is. Sometimes I see some feet and then they touch me right into my heart. Equal what comes next. This doesn’t happen very often.

fs1aIn this case the blond girl was sitting with three other girls at a table drinking ice coffee. There was barely a good position to place my camera so I stood still right on the street. This was very uncomfortable, especially when you think about some 100 people watching a man (me!) standing there for 30 minutes doing literally nothing…


But ok, let’s move on. I saw the young girl just from behind and there were chairs in the way to her feet. BUT – she did the subtlest and slightest and most tender foot dipping I’ve seen in a long time. It was breathtaking and I really wished I had a better place to watch and capture this, even more, I wished to lie down and just watch.

2   5

It seemed like a slow motion the whole 16 minutes, she was not nervous at all and man, she did this constantly, without great interruptions.

6   7

Granted, you won’t have the best view and yes, there are some people in the way, but these wrinkled soles foot dipping outweighs everything. Plus you get a bit heelpopping of the girl in front with her brown moccasins.

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