#17 Rapunzel In The Bakery

Bread crumb crushing all over

This was a lightning moment for me, I almost got a heart attack when I saw this girl from outside. At first glance it seemed she was wearing nylon socks, but no.

8aThis bakery girl had orange ankle socks on and although at first I thought she was wearing Birkenstocks, I saw that these shoes were a kind of Crocs. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed but this changed rapidly, read on.

6aA blonde with a long braid, this is my Rapunzel dream. Plus bakery girl, 2:0!
I love them, you know, literally I could sit hours in bakery cafés and watch them walking around, this electrifies me all over every time…

dThe girl here, I’ll call her Rapunzel from now on, was walking like a lunatic from one side to the other, crushing the crumbs on the ground, you can even hear the sliding sound of the shoes.fs

Unfortunately she never slipped out of her shoe, but you can see the toes poking through the holes plus her heels are a bit dyed. This clip is 17+ minutes long, you’ll get wonderful face shots from Rapunzel also, plus you won’t ever get closer to her feet. Word!

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