#230 Barefoot Nike’s Dip

An awesome skilled mature shoeplay

4_xWhen it’s warm outside, I’m quite often visiting our river which divides the town in two halves. There is a large area with green grass, some sidewalks to roam around, a sandy beach and a gorgeous view to our famous Dome.

8On one of these benches I saw an Asian lady in her middle ages, probably around 40 years old. She was barefoot and played with her black Nike sneakers.

I’m often telling, that grown-ups don’t do much shoeplay as the teens do, but this lady was really gorgeous. Not only she was dipping her feet in the shoes, she moved them in and out constantly.

9   c

Some times she rested her feet at the heel of the sneakers, then she moved back in and started a little dangling show with crossed legs.

6   b

I wondered if she did this for me, because I had my camera lying open right beside me. Not hidden at all, so maybe she knew what I wanted? I will never get the answer, but in the end I got a wonderful 13 minutes show of the lady. Thank you! :D

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