#46 Primark Nylon Socks

Whole working day on her feet

You know Primark? There are many women working hard, walking miles around, to clean up behind the masses of customers. Sweat heaven.

31aSaw this young women sitting with a handful of colleagues doing a rest after their work. Smoking cigarettes, eating and drinking coffee. And showing us her dirty, sweaty and dyed nylon socks! Ah.

fs1aGranted, she hadn’t the sexiest shoes at her feet. That were some comfy ones with a Velcro strip, just the shoes you wear when you have to stand and walk the whole day long.


But gladly she removed those shoes pretty fast and I started to capture from behind. I saw her upper side of the foot and her toes, the woman had a long 2nd toe which I do like very much.

The tables and  chairs were rather narrow so I changed places and what I saw then was thrilling: She had a black dyed nylon sole full of sweat! She rubbed her toes against the table leg and curled the toes in the air.

e   c

After a while she removed her second shoe, rearranged her crossing legs and played a heavenly show with the other foot, so I changed the place again to get a good view.

If you like dirty and dyed nylon socks which are raped the whole day by sweaty feet, then you will like this 13 minutes show very much.

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