#85 The Nylon Gem

Good things take time

For weeks I have this clip on my hard drive and I waited for the right moment to release it… Do you know that? Now, New Year’s Day seems a good choice.

6a1Maybe this isn’t the best strategy to keep good clips out of public, but in this case I started to discuss with myself. Keep this gem for me? No. Share it to everyone? Yes, but not now. Tomorrow. Next week. Maybe next month. In Autumn. Hell…

fs1aTo cut the long story short: There were two girls, one with a kind of Vans which you won’t see at all, and the other with a tan pantyhose and soft trashed flats. I really can’t say if the flats girl was the older sister or a very very young mom, but in any case she took my breath.

When I came along their table, I saw that she pulled her feet out of her flats and I started to capture this immediately. At this point I wasn’t thinking of that she would fulfill all of my wishes.

3a   4

“Please drop your flats” – she did. Sigh.


“Now scrunch your toes, come on” – she did it too. I started shivering…

9   a

Man, I took out my second camera to get another view of her beautiful dirty nylon soles, but I wasn’t able to hold it still because of a slight tremor in my body, that was NOT NICE at all :D

I was so glad that I had two cameras, so you will only get the steady shots of this clip. Watch an astonishing shoe, sole and foot play with crossed ankles, a beautiful worn pantyhose and some inner sights of her flats. Eleven minutes in heaven.

download the clip