#57 Black Pantyhose Soles

Sweaty soles

Often you don’t see hints of sweat on black nylons, but this young Turkish mommy had white prints of her feet at her soles.

8aI wished I was her son :D For real, consider you are young and this is your mom wearing her pantyhose for days with sweaty imprints of her feet. Maybe think of her nylons in the morning, when they are dried and firm.

Many of us have such memories of the youth and what is better as to refresh them with situations from today? This young mom, I suspect her in her 20ies, sat with her little son at a restaurant.


After changing places a man appeared in the scene, but the woman’s shoeplay wasn’t disturbed by this. She showed us her sweaty soles from every angle I could get. The second place was much harder to record as there were many people walking around, but ok – mommy didn’t disappoint me.

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3There’s even a little crush scene which I saw afterwards when I cut the video. The woman was smoking and her cigarette fell down to the ground. Then she crushed it and crossed her legs afterwards, showing the tip at her sole. Very nice but a little bit absurd as there was a man collecting garbage with a gripper…

Get wonderful 14+ minutes from a hot sweaty soles shoeplay with well worn flats from a Turkish style lady. Dream of being a little boy again!

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