#167 Heelpop Flats

Coffee & Milk

Normally the colours are the other way round, now we have black socks with white flats.

6aYes, I know, some of you hate me now. Because of socks in flats… Personally I love them. Especially when it is not the standard, as we’ve seen so often.

Weeks ago I wrote in the shoutbox that I’m so overdone with barefoot play in black flats, that I simply go along without even starting the camera, except it is a really awesome shoeplay.

2a   4

So this girl is a welcomed variety for my eyes. She was long dark haired, had black leggings, thin black figured socks and pretty white worn out flats at her feet.

c   8

The girl did many heelpops, wiggled her shoes in the air, rubbed with her feet over the inside of her sole and crossed her ankles while shaking her flats.

These 9 minutes are like a good wine: rare and for epicures :)

download the clip