#52 Sweaty Pantyhose

Boner Alert

Thrilling situations are thrilling. Sometimes I’m coming too late to record a good clip, but in this situation I got just in time. Heavenly sweaty nylons!

3aAs so often I sat outside chilling and drinking a coffee. My eyes were wandering around, discovering nothing special. I had a good time. Don’t know why I turned my head to my back, but there she was: A blonde lady rubbing her wonderful sweaty nylon pantyhose onto her chair.

fsLeft my coffee alone and jumped to the street. This was so mean as there were so many people walking around and the lady hadn’t the best seat to capture her calmly. But I managed to get as much as possible and this was exciting.

1aThe lady massaged her sweaty feet, rubbed her ball of the foot up and down her seat and the table leg and finally curled her sexy toes in the air, so that everyone could see her dirty soles which must have smelled fantastic. These are moments where I actually have to concentrate not to drop my camera for heaven’s sake, full of delight and desire.

7   8a

Her cork high heels laid on the ground and I filmed right inside. The sole was dyed in black and you can see her dirty footprints, which seem to be moist and – sweaty.

5   ab

I tried to capture the lady from several angles, there is even a short scene from the front side. In summary you will get almost 9 minutes full of some sexy and probably really stinky feet from a lady in her best age. This was a +1 day for me :)

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