#144 Just Feet

Sweaty socks in shoes

Man, I wished that the girl put her socks on in the end, but no. She went away barefoot on the street.

9aDo you know that? You walk around and see a pretty girl barefoot, discover that she pulled off her socks and stuffed them into her shoes. To be honest, every time I think of how to sneak the socks the best…

fs1aBut no, I don’t do it. There’s too much fear of getting caught or something else and it is bad behaviour. I do a candid capture instead and dream of the moist and dirty socks lying inside the plimsoles, which I probably never get to smell.

1The two girls in her 20ies were sitting at a café and it was sunny outside. The protagonist must have hot feet, at least her socks were really dirty and her bare soles had a red warm color tint. It fits to her hair, although I’m sure this was not on purpose.

I started my cam standing next to them, but got a seat pretty fast. I was sitting right beneath the girl and fired up three cameras at once! The third cam captured only 2 short shots of the girls’ conversation, but the other two cams were running the whole time.

3   5c

The barefoot girl did many movements, rather subtle than exaggerated, but nice to watch. This time no shoeplay unfortunately, because she grabbed her shoes at the end and walked away. BAM! No chance to see her feet slipping into her moist socks, this remains fantasy.

8   d

I got almost 10 minutes of her pretty feet though, plus there is a bit Birkenstock shaking of the other girl as a bonus. I grieved for the socks so much… :D

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