#260 School Girl Sandals

White ankle socks with Adiletten

4_xI’ve searched the web but I could not find a fitting translation for the German word “Adiletten”. This is a combination of Adidas and Sandalette (sandal).

fs2a2Funny enough, we have many words for these rubber sandals. In general we would say “Badelatschen” (bathing shoe), but the Adilette/n is more common, even if the brand name isn’t Adidas.

This fast food restaurant is a popular meeting point for many school kids. Bus and tram stations are nearby and often they meet after school when waiting or simply want to chill in the afternoon. The pretty black girl sat on one side, two more girls with sneakers on the other.

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One of the left girls had Nike AF1 with black ankle socks, but there wasn’t shoeplay at all. She crashed the scene a few times whith blocking the view to the sandals girl, but I didn’t cut her out. I know that many of you like Nikes, so I left the 3 minutes in although there is nothing much to see. Just a free addendum for fans.

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The sandal girl had long toes. It was nice to watch her toe play with the rim of her shoes. Often she tried to escape with her feet to the front side, so that her socked toes touched the ground.


Personally I like that the socks a slightly dirty. For my taste this kicks the most. But please don’t let this picture fool you: She left her sandals completely three times only.

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Most of the clip is toe play, wiggling, squeezing and massaging the rim, that’s it. No heavy turnarounds or other crazy stuff. Chilled play from a pretty and chilled girl.

In summary this clip is 20 minutes, the Nike intermezzo included. Enjoy!

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