#197 Silver Chucks

A pretty girl in fancy Converse sneakers

The Chucks had a patina, the socks too…

da_xSo yeah, once again a girl with socks in Chucks. This year is pretty hard to capture shoeplay with sneakers, don’t know why. Most of the time I see feet IN sneakers, not outside. Gladly I stumbled upon this very pretty brown haired girl with her socked heels popping out.

fs1aIt was so weird to find a good place to capture. To say it short: There wasn’t any. I was standing in the middle of the place, trying to be a tourist and not to attract too much attention. I mean, how do you capture shoeplay silently when countless people are sitting and walking around you?

But I was lucky, because the table behind the girl got free after a while and I took the seat. So I had the best view I could get in this case.

1   b

Normally I would describe her shoeplay in thousand fancy words now, but to say it short again: I captured almost 60 minutes and had to cut the clip down to a sixth :(

e   ea

Yes, the girl’s dipping in her shoes was awesome, but so fucking rare! There have been still images of 5 minutes without any movement at all, just to start again with playing and wiggling for some short scenes.

d   g

I cut out the still moments for sure, so you’ll get the dipping scenes only in this 11+ minutes clip. If you are into graceful play, this is the one for you.

download the clip