#106 Superstar Dip

Dipping and wiggling

If girls wear ped socks and sneakers, most of the time you do not know which secret is inside their shoes.

2aThis very pretty and tall young dark blond girl was eating Italian food at a café with her friends. From far away I saw that she had pink Adidas Superstars with white dotted ped socks at her feet.

fs1Yes, indeed, she aired out one of her socked foot and when I started to capture, she even removed her other shoe a little bit, so I could enjoy both heels.

She was not the kind of girl who does a heavy shoeplay, but she was almost constantly wiggling her feet in her sneakers.


Imagine it was pretty warm outside, sunny and bright. Even though, most of the girls won’t leave their sneakers at a public place. She did, so you can tell how warm and sweaty her feet must have been.

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Nevertheless it was a short pleasure, because eventually she put her Superstars back on and went to the toilet. So the last 2 minutes of this 10 minute clip is a shoe show for you Adidas lovers. I know that many guys outside there love Superstars.

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