#145 Dip’n Shake

Awesome MILF

Black pantyhose with red pumps lead to a fascination foot show.

caOne of those days I didn’t expect too much. Sometimes you’ll walk around for days and won’t see a good shoeplay worth capturing, but in this case this lady fulfilled everything we need.

fs3aI suppose her to be in the early 40ies. Her young and pretty daughter was sitting at the table also, but the daughter had sneakers on, nothing more to mention. The lady was dressed in an elegant style, short skirt and a thin black nylon pantyhose with red pumps at her feet.

You might think “Nah, older lady, not much shoeplay”, but no. She dipped in an out of her pumps many times. Sometimes she caressed the rim of her shoes, sometimes she rested her toes at the edge.

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Most of the time she was shaking her feet like crazy. Back and forth in long and fascinating movements. If I start to daydream, I’d say she had done many footjobs before, because it is easy to imagine our tiny friends under her pretty nyloned soles… :D

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Other than that it was a pretty joy to watch. I captured the whole 19 minutes with two cameras at once from different angles. Plus I even managed to get very good face shots with a third cam.

I think this is an utterly good clip to say hello to 2016. I’m looking forward to many new scenes like these, this will be an awesome year!

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