#92 Shoeplay With Fries

Barefoot dangling and dipping

Some places in my town are ideal for tourists. You can visit the historic center, walk around, get some french fries and make a rest.

5aSo did this young girl and her family. They were sitting on a bench, enjoyed the last sunbeams in November and I enjoyed the black flats and barefoot shoeplay of Ms. Princess.

fs1She was indeed barefoot, it was around 20 degrees Celsius, but she had summer in her feet. While eating her fries she was dangling her feet in the air, pushing the flats with her heels off and on, very skilled.

After a short pause she began to kick her shoes off and played with them nicely on the ground.

2Eventually Ms. Princess put one foot up to the bench and fingered with her painted nails inside her flats and rubbed her heel.

This was followed by an exceptional dangling and shoeplay scene, where she left her ballerina flats many times. Her toes grabbed the edge of the flats and the girl turned them around.

7   9

Get this more than 8 minutes clip and enjoy a young lady playing gently with her bare feet in her black flats.

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