#130 Sweet Toe Play

Cherry on ice

A blonde in her late 20ies with elegant sandals caught my attention.

9baTo be honest, I am not so much the barefoot and sandals fan. Personally I prefer the hidden things, which stimulate my fantasy, but this blond girl was nice to watch.

She was sitting with a friend (boyfriend probably) outside of an ice café and her feet were lying down on top of her white strapped sandals. The girl crossed her ankles and was waving her toes right into my camera.


While I captured her, which wasn’t that easy, because I was right in front of her view, she rubbed her feet together many times.

8She did toe spreading and clamping, showing the wrinkles of her slightly dirty feet with pretty cherry red nail polish.

After a while she put her sandals on. This is a moment I do like very much, it reminds me of… ok, NSFW now :D

aIn her sandals she did some nice toe waving also. I like to watch right into the space between the shoe sole and the toes.

Unfortunately they got a visit from another woman, which grabbed a chair and put it right in the way of my sight, so I stopped recording at this point. In summary there are almost 7 minutes of very pretty toes of a good looking lady. Enjoy, mates!

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