#137 Rough Soles In Sneakers

Barefoot in Nike shoes

A lady in her end 20ies does some nice dipping.

9aaAs I said earlier, this year was difficult to catch shoeplay with sneakers or plimsoles, especially barefoot or with socks other than peds. Most of the girls didn’t put their shoes off, so I was more than happy when I discovered this lady.

fs1aWhen the girls get older, it is even more difficult to catch a scene, because ladies won’t play as much as younger ones. This woman was in her end 20ies, maybe beginnig of her 30ies, I find it hard to say – didn’t ask though :)


She had Nike sports shoes at her feet and I was catching another shoeplay, when she and her girlfriend took a seat in front of me.

At first I didn’t notice her slipping out of her shoes, but eventually I saw that she was standing on the edge of her shoe with her heels.


The lady was barefoot and had some dry and rough soles, many of you like this.

She did no hyper activity shoeplay, but she was dipping the whole time, moving her feet in her sneakers. I started the second cam after some time to get some very good shots of her skin.

8   7

Enjoy 9 minutes of this young lady dipping with her bare feet in blue Nike sneakers.

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