#43 Phone Call Shoeplay

What girls do when they are busy

The most exciting thing with shoeplay is: No one knows what happens next, even the girls don’t know it.

5aWhen I was strolling aroung, I stumbled upon a girl in her 20ies, who called someone on the phone. She wore nylons and flats, so I stopped right behind her and fired up my cam.

In that case this was a good choice, because madame started with some heelpops and gratefully showed her green nail-polished toes to me. What a nice thing.

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Maybe I should tell you an internal: When I’m hunting for good shoeplay, in 9 of 10 cases nothing happens when I record such a scene, so you get a sense for the difficulty in it. But this girl was right in every sight.

fs1a7She played with her flats, rubbed her feet in and out of her shoes, curled her toes oh so gently and while calling, she wandered around the street just to stop and play again.

Get 8 minutes of a pretty girl with pretty feet who even looked straight into my camera. If she knew what I did? Maybe.

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