#171 The Art Of Shoeplay

Oh! My! God!

Dirty white ped socks meet cheap trashed ballerina flats. This combination alone is awesome, but the girl gave me double chills.

kaGuys, we have to talk! You know I do this site for over two years now. The shoeplay scene is a niche, not every one loves this, but the ones who do are fans of the real world. No staged lollipops and red balloons, but the awesomeness of the women and girls around us.

1aWhen I started, I knew I will pass over a border of ethics. I thought very long about this, but I also knew that this is the real shit I’ll love until the end of my life and I will never lose this passion.

Why this intro? Because with this clip I got a gift sent from heaven. As long as I can think, I freaking love dirty socks, especially light colors. When they are in ballerina flats, I lose my mind. There is nothing any therapist could ever beam out of my mind, nothing.

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And if I would ever have to go to jail because I capture feet on the street, then I’d say it was totally worth it. Period! These pictures and scenes are burnt into my head forever.

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I won’t describe this clip very much, look at the pics and the video preview and judge yourself. Only some words: sweet dirty white ped socks with lace, trashed flats, dipping, dangling, rubbing, playing, turning around, over and over.

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45 minutes long! No pause to calm down…
Can you somewhat imagine how I felt? How I tried to keep the camera steady?

So, a few words at the end. At first, I’m offering this clip for all of you for not more than 10 EUR. Why? Because I want all of you to be able to see this heavenly show. There are a lot of people who can’t spend much money, but I got this gift and I’d like to share it for a price of two coffees after subtracting my fees.

Second: This clip will last for a longer time. I dare you that no one could watch this clip as a whole without interruption :D And as I won’t update this site for the next 4 weeks because I’m moving to a new home, this is the ideal clip to take a break.
Head over to fussphantasie and read my blog article about why I’m moving.

And now get this incredible 45 minutes. Enjoy as much as you can!

download the clip