#280 Business Girl

Flats, Nylon Peds and a beautiful young woman

4_xThis is kind of a video request. I have a friend who is continuously asking if I have clips with ped socks in my catalog. As there is almost nothing I don’t have, this was quite an easy wish to fulfill.

fs3aOn a warm spring day I discovered this young lady with skinny blue jeans and black shiny flats. Either this was a business meeting outside or she did a break with her two colleagues.

The lady was dangling one of her flats so I could see that she wore black nylon ped socks. Not my favorite kind of socks as I like it dirty, but I was glad to see some flats in the current era of sneakers all around me.

1   6

Soon after, she did some heelpopping and dipping in her flats and let her feet breathe out. When she answered a phone call, she was walking around the place and sat down again, just to show us her nyloned soles. We all want that :D

9a   c

I tried to gather another angle from the front side of her feet.  That was the moment when she started to dangle again. After some nice wiggling movements the group left the place.

d2   e

Two things to notice: Did you ever watch a soccer game where the field is half in bright sunlight and the other half deep in the shadow? This is very difficult to capture, you have to decide if the bright will get even brighter so that you can see the dark at least.

gfIt was a sunny day with single clouds in the way. Add this to deep black socks and light skin, so you can imagine how challenging it was to get the exposure right.

The other thing: Two minutes of this 11 minutes clip is slightly off focus. Instead of deleting this part, I have lowered the price for you. This seems to be a better deal, especially because this part was nice to watch anyway. Enjoy mates!
PS: From now on, I will release new clips more often again.

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