#161 Airing Out Airmax

Rare combination with Nike and nylons

You won’t see this every day, at least I don’t.

9aI was amazed when I walked by, because there was a girl in her 20ies who was airing out her pantyhose feet. Maybe this is a thing you will see more often, but she had Nike Airmax!

fs1aInstantly I started my cam and searched for a free place nearby to catch this wonderful setup. There was no seat for me, so I took place at some stairs opposite to the girl’s feet.
This would have been the greatest clip for a long time, if there weren’t two “but”:

On the one hand there were many people walking by. This is a thing I hate when I’m capturing good shoeplay and have no other chance to sit or stand.

5   8a

The next and most important thing for you all: There is absolutely no shoeplay. I was sitting there for almost one hour and the girl never did more than just wiggling and stretching her toes. This was a real pity. I couldn’t believe it and I prayed, but no. In the end of the clip the girl slips into her Nikes, but that’s all where the shoes are involved.

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So I stripped this whole clip down to 9+ minutes for the real fans of you who like the fantasy of sneakers and a nylon pantyhose. Pretty toes, that’s all :)

download the clip