#91 Dirty Socks Show

A fortune

This will happen when you won’t think about it. A rule for many things in life.

2baI was walking around on my way to my home and buying some things, when I met a guy from my club where I am working regularly. We talked about photo cameras, nothing special. But then I discovered a dirty socked foot in my eye’s corner!

fs2aGladly I had my bag with two cameras with me, because I had filmed that day. So I suggested to drink a coffee right at that tables where the girl was sitting. My mate accepted and we sat down. I fired up one camera at the ground and one in my hand and started capturing this super pretty young girl.

This was a freaky masterpiece because even my friend didn’t realize what I was doing there :D

1   2

The girl had some shorts on, one foot with a sock and one foot with the sock halfway, so you can see her heel the whole time. Her beautiful trashed moccasins were lying on the ground, so I had the chance to capture the sweaty brown and muddy sole from the inside.

4a   5

Not only that: I had a fantastic angle to spot my camera so near to her socks that you can count the stitches. Thankfully she was reading a newspaper, so I had enough time to focus.

8   9

Obviously there was not much shoeplay, because the girl was playing with her feet and her socks outside of her shoes. She massaged her heel and her toes, grabbed the bars of her chair with her toes and later on she crossed her legs and dangled her foot in the air.

7   a

At the end of the clip she fumbled with her feet for her shoes and dangled one moccasin high in the air, right beneath the street. Consider you were driving along with a bike and – yeah :D

b   c

This clip is 17 minutes long. There are whole girl shots, but the face only from the side. There was a guy vis-à-vis and he was looking straight into my camera, so I had to be careful not to be caught. Either way, you will get some deep and wonderful sock shots from an outstanding pretty brunette girl. Pro-tip: Choose HD!

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