#29 Asian Sugar Pop Toes

Double the cam, double the fun

With this clip I start a new style of filming, because I used two HD cameras in parallel. The balls get bigger (the better).

9aI saw this young asian girl sitting there, eating ice cream and watching an interview sequence on the street. She was cross-legged and her barefoot toes poked in the air, so I took a seat beneath her.

fs1aOne camera on the ground behind her Skechers Bobs and the other camera in my hand, starting to capture very forward. I just tried it, considering answering curious questions, but there weren’t any, so I moved on :D

The asian girl played with her toes, wiggled them and shook her feet over the ground. You will see any detail of an unknown girl’s feet you have ever dreamed of, period.

3   8

This clip is 5+ minutes long and I managed getting two hairshots from the side. I’ll have to learn to control my adrenaline though, because in original the clip was longer but too shaky at some times, so I cut out those scenes.

download the clip