#169 sneakernylonplay

Constantly moving feet

Did anyone say that only teen girls do much shoeplay? In general you are right, but this awesome woman teaches us the opposite.

gfaTo say it short: Sometimes I beg to heaven that a shoeplay scene stops. Why? Because I can’t deal with it for such a long time when I’m so excited. Normally you capture half an hour or more, watch some longer boring scenes and wait for the next mini climax. But what if the whole capture is one large climax without an interruption?

fs2aSo was this day. A girl was sitting with two other girls, supposedly in their end 20ies, at a table in a heavy crowded place. They were drinking wine, because it was the wine week – no joke :D

Our dark and long haired girl had a rare combination at her feet, especially when it comes to shoeplay. She was wearing tan colored nylons, not sure if a pantyhose because it wasn’t reinforced, light blue jeans and laceless platform sneakers from Bershka.

aRight, sneakers and nylons. With shoeplay. Half an hour long. No pauses.

To be clearer, a larger part of 8 minutes consists of crossed ankled feet where the girl constantly rubbed her left foot. I really wondered why she didn’t get a run in her nylons due to the permanent stress.

Indeed she had a run on her left foot all the way down from the leg to her sole, but this wasn’t because of the rubbing and caressing.

i   n

Anyway, besides this, the girl did a good part of wonderful shoeplay and slipped in and out of her sneakers many times. She wiggled them in the air, dropped the shoes, pinched her toes and rubbed in her shoes again. What an astonishing part.

h   3

All in all, normally I would have made a slightly smaller clip of it. Some may find it boring that a girl rubs her feet for 8 minutes without doing other things. But a fan asked me some time ago why I do cut out parts of the shoeplay. He would be interested even in the calm parts.

So I listened and left the whole scene in the clip. But regarding the price I’ll treat this 30+ minutes as a 24 minutes clip. Best of both worlds then :) ENJOY!

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