#134 Dipping Teen

It hurts

If… then… else… If I did not choose to capture a mature woman, I would have gotten more of this wonderful girl.

2aThat’s it. I was sitting at a concrete wall and captured mature nylons. Somewhat boring, so I stopped and discovered a pretty young girl 30 meters away. With a nylon pantyhose and flats, dipping beautifully.

fs1aI was in a hurry to starting my cams again for sure. And man, you can tell that my stomach was hurting when I saw the reinforced pantyhose, slightly dyed at the tip of the girl’s toes. Just because I was thinking about, how much material I would have got if I’ve seen her earlier.

Nevertheless I captured a nice dipping show. The girl and her friends were on a shopping tour and seem to rest with some drinks.


Half of the clip she dipped in her blue flats and took her feet out a few times. Then she moved in her shoes again and popped with her heels here and there while slightly wiggling her feet.

6   9

After solid 8 minutes they left the table and the girl left me speechless. What if I would have seen her earlier? Imagine yourself and enjoy what I’ve got.

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