#152 Licky Licky

Abracadabra me say Open Sesame

Sorry for the title, mates, but Leila K. came to my mind when I rendered the clip of those gorgeous toes in black moccasins.

baYeah, toes, right. Dirty, sweaty and sticky toes fresh out of a pair of leather moccasins. Waving to you as they beg you to clean them with your mouth.

1a Granted, I am a bit weird right now, but some clips turn on my imagination. If I would tell  you the story, this had to be filed under NSFW. The lady in her 20ies popped out her toes and was covering the tip of her shoes.

She began to massage the leather of the moccasins slowly and this wasn’t the only moment to realize that this leather could’ve been your tongue.

6   a

Eventually she warmed her feet up in her shoes, just to start airing them out again, now with an even stronger massage. Her toes had a nail polish and were sexy as hell, even or just because of the dirt?


After 5 minutes she slipped back into her moccasins and began to wiggle her feet back and forth with her ankles crossed. Now that’s where the NSFW begins… and where I stop to describe my imagination.

5   c

Try it yourself with this 8+ minutes clip. Now licky licky, come down! :D

download the clip