#95 Hostess Toes

Shiny Pantyhose

Things you will see at a motorshow: Tall girls with nylons and pumps, eye candy.

5abYes, this is another motorshow clip I took short time ago. When winter comes, you have to deal with those weather conditions and have to look for alternatives. The show was one of them.

fs2aHere is a beautiful young and tall blonde with wedge pumps. A bright pantyhose covered her very long legs and she was wearing a short skirt. Nice butt… :)

The young lady didn’t do much shoeplay as she was resting on a chair most of the time. She massaged the footrest with her toes and I managed to capture some very good detailed shots of her painted toes.

7   1

A few times she pushed her feet in and out of her shoes and walked around. Her job was to guide the public to a strange game at the booth, nothing special for us.

More of interest is that she kicked a cardboard box with her shoes, that you’ll get a look deep inside of her shoe and that her toes are awesome.

6   3

Enjoy the 8+ minutes with very good face shots and a two-camera setup.

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