#67 Sweaty Barefoot


That’s what I say when I see such a nice scene. A girl in her 20ies did a very nice barefoot shoeplay in her sneakers. At the end she even pulled out dirty socks!

4bI was wandering around on this sunny day and had a location in mind to go to. On my way I saw this girl sitting with two boys at a table. Noticed her shoeplay and started capturing immediately.

fs1There was no time to prepare my cameras, so you will hear me pulling out the second cam in this clip, sorry for that, but I didn’t want to cut out the beatiful shoeplay the girl did. Dark haired, somewhat Asian style but I can’t figure out which country.

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She rubbed the border of her shoes with her toes, sometimes they peek out and are waving to your eyes. Then the girl put her feet into her sneakers again and wiggled nervously.

8   6

The funny part is that she tried to put on the shoes after a while, but her feet seem to be very sweaty as they glued to the heel of the sneakers. Must have been uncomfortable, because the lady grabbed her dirty and crumpled ankle socks and put them on. Jerk off moment for me tbh :)


Watch the almost 8 minutes with face shots and a two camera sight from a varied and heart-melting clip, enjoy mates!

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