#116 Nike Sneakers Shoeplay


Every day you’ll see girls in Nike’s, but most of them never put their shoes off.

9aThe most exciting moments happen, when you don’t think about it. I was driving along with my moped and saw those wonderful light ped socks in the corner of my eye.

fs2aI stopped immediately. Gladly the moped allows this, because with a car you have to search for a parking lot at first and the situation is over most of the time. In this case I had luck and met this pretty brunette girl with sunglasses, dark jeans, ped socks and Nike sneakers.

8She was showing her soles to me, bathed in sunlight at this crowded place. I took a seat on my moped at first and fired up two cameras to get the most out of this situation.

As it was pretty warm, I changed my place and sat down in the shadow, so I got a different angle from the side too. Did I say the place was crowded? There were so many people watching, that it was rather difficult to capture without being caught. But it worked very well and the girl didn’t disappoint.

1   6

She was dipping in her Nike’s, rubbed her sole and put her feet out several times while talking to some other people at the table.

7   3

After a while she changed places with a guy and then the 13 minutes story ends. Enjoy a very rare moment I got this year, wonderful feet from a very pretty girl.

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